How It Works for You

  • The Fit

    Comfortable 3-D construction delivers maximum flexibility, freedom of movement, and styling that stretches with you.

  • The Fabric

    Patented moisture management and odor control won't wash out. Look and feel of cotton that dries 4 times faster.

  • The Function

    DPS apparel helps you perform your best under tough conditions--on and off the job.

Technology Fact Sheet

  • DWR

    As part of Dickies’ advanced moisture-management system, DWR – Durable Water Repellent guards against wet weather by preventing the outer layers from becoming saturated. A special water repellent finish is applied to the fabric, which cause water to bead and roll off instead of soaking into the fabric. DWR helps protect the fabric’s breathability keeping you warm and dry.

    • Easy care
    • Breathable
    • Water Repellent

  • DriRelease®

    A patented, unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers that accelerate the water release rate from the fabric. Rather than just spreading moisture across the surface, the drirelease® fabric pushes water and perspiration to the outside of a garment, releasing it into the air faster than any other performance fabric on the market. And with FreshGuard® embedded into the drirelease fabric®, every performance blend we offer delivers odor control as well.

    • Easy care
    • Odor Control
    • Keeps You Dry
    • Extreme Comfort

  • Cordura®

    Cordura® offers the comfort you want and the durability you need. Fabric is constructed using high-tenacity fiber technologies providing excellent comfort and more tear and abrasion resistance than 100% cotton.

    • Durability
    • Comfort
    • Lightweight
    • Abrasion Resistant

  • Cooling

    Work Cool Technology features specialized yarns or finishes allowing a cooler fabric sensation when exposed to the sun. The fabrics and styling features include evaporative cooling for moisture transfer and dissipation for regulating body temperature. There are mesh panels in the tops and shirts to provide circulatory cooling. The shorts are lightweight, breathable and durable. All styles with Work Cool Technology provide UPF protection.

    • Mesh Panels
    • Lightweight
    • Breathable
    • Durable
    • UPF Protection

The Dickies Performance Icons

  • Protect

    Guards body from elements for maximum individual performance.

  • Cool

    Moisture management for optimal temperature balance.

  • Dry

    Guards body from elements for maximum individual performance.

  • Warm

    Moves moisture away from your body to keep you dry.