School Uniforms FAQ

School Uniforms may be new to you, so take a look below and see. These are some of the questions Dickies gets asked the most about school uniforms.

Q. Where can I get information about a school uniform program?
A.  You're here. If you don't find the information you need on our web site contact us at We here at Dickies will provide you as much information as we have on the subject. We not only have flyers and handouts but we can also provide you with an informational video about the benefits of school uniforms.

Q. Are most school uniform programs voluntary or mandatory?
A.  According to an NPD survey, about 75% of schools have a mandatory policy and the other 25% have a voluntary uniform policy, (uniforms are recommended but not required).

Q. What grades typically make up a mandatory uniform program?
A.  In most cases at the start of a school uniform program, mandatory uniforms are implemented in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. In some instances, uniforms are mandated through 8th grade. According to NPD, high schools (9th through 12th grade) only makeup about 27% of schools in uniform.

Q. How many uniforms should I buy for each child?
A.  That answer is really up to you. Do you already have garments that will fit the uniform dress code at home? If not, a school year's supply of Dickies uniforms will cost you about $100.

Q. What are the most common colors for school uniforms?
A.  Navy bottoms and white tops are the most commonly used colors for school uniforms. A lot of schools have also begun to use their school colors as their uniform colors. For instance, hunter green or maroon tops and black or gray bottoms.

Q. Our School is thinking about school uniforms. Where is a good place to start?
A.  Gather information. The internet is a great place for this. If everyone is on board, send out surveys to the affected groups and have discussions with them about this issue. The key to a successful program is to get everyone involved and communication. Check out our links page for more school uniform information.

Q. I am having a meeting next week with my PTA or school board to talk about uniforms, what information should I have?
A.  Don't get caught not having the answers. Try and get your hands on as much information as possible. Email us here we can get you a lot of the information you may need.