Do Mechanics Prefer Coveralls or Pants?

Benefits of Mechanic CoverallsWhether you're just starting out as an auto mechanic or a seasoned pro (who has ruined a lot of clothes in the service bay), you may be thinking about trying coveralls. Since you're already familiar with the pros and cons of traditional pants as mechanic clothes, let's talk about why some prefer coveralls. Often the smallest details (such as no need for a belt or suspenders) can add up to making a big difference.

For an automotive interview, you want to look appropriately neat, clean and professional. Because of the nature of a mechanic's job, a potential employer will most likely understand if you have a little bit of dirt or grease under your nails. And it's not necessary to wear a suit, but you don't want to look (or smell) like you just left the service bay.


17 Reasons to Give Coveralls a Try

Coveralls provide practical protection.

  1. Many guys like the simplicity of stepping into one piece of clothing that provides shoulder to ankle protection.
  2. Long sleeve coveralls protect arms from shop chemicals and harsh cleaners. They also protect your arms when crawling and working under vehicles.
  3. Durable wash-and-wear coveralls guard street clothes against grease, grime and oil stains.
  4. One-piece coveralls also protect your clothing budget. Built to do the job, they last longer and one piece replaces three--pant, shirt and belt.

Coveralls are Convenient

Coveralls are comfortable automotive workwear.

  1. No need for a belt that binds or suspenders that slip.
  2. Built-in elastic inserts at waist expand for after-lunch comfort.
  3. The relaxed fit provides cooler comfort in warm, humid weather.
  4. Bi-swing back gives you a full range of movement.
  5. No need to readjust your pants, shirt and belt throughout the day.
  6. Short sleeve, long sleeve and insulated versions provide automotive workwear for all seasons.
  7. There's no annoying shirttail to tuck in when it pulls out.


Coveralls are convenient when it comes to mechanic clothes.

  1. One piece replaces three to streamline your closet (and shopping).
  2. Plenty of pockets (chest, back, leg) let you stow tools and gear on you.
  3. Two-way zipper provides easy access to the pockets on your street clothes worn underneath.
  4. Loops keep favorite tools handy.
  5. Chest pockets with snaps or zippers secure smaller essentials.
  6. Concealed snaps at neck and waist keep fly flat so zipper won't scratch auto paint or finish.

If you decide to give coveralls a try, look for quality details like these:

  1. Double-stitched seams that don't easily rip or fray.
  2. Heavy duty two-way zipper.
  3. Bar-tacked back pockets that won't catch and tear.
  4. Stain release finish to prevent stains from setting in.
  5. Durable, yet breathable, poplin or twill fabric.


Mechanics who are fans of coveralls swear by them as the best solution for anyone who works around greasy parts, engine oil and shop equipment. For these guys, coveralls are their gift-of-choice for birthdays and Christmas. Some even say they want to be buried in them.