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May 20, 2016 – Dallas Perry is the current store manager of Bicycles Plus in Dallas, Texas (yes, Dallas from Dallas), but cycling wasn’t always his calling in life. Previously a professional musician who toured the nation, Dallas fell into cycling when his band was going through some organizational changes. “I wandered into Bicycles Plus and I had never ridden a mountain bike; I got the mountain bike to stay in shape and had no idea I was going to fall in love with it, so much, so quickly. I ended up riding five days a week and absolutely loving it right out of the gate.”

“I consider myself extremely lucky because I feel like I have gotten to do two things in life that I really love. My passion for cycling is just as strong as my passion for music and travel was years ago.”

When his band ended their tour, Dallas looked to Bicycles Plus as a natural fit for work. “I was spending so much time here anyway. That’s how I wound up working here.”

Starting out as an hourly employee, Dallas worked his way up through the ranks, and 14 years later, is the current store manager. Don’t think for a second, though, this title has gotten to his head. “Being a manager isn’t about sitting back in the office. It is very much hands on. I fix bikes, vacuum the floor, sell bikes—anything I would ask my staff to do.”

“The Dickies name to me is synonymous with performance workwear. To the consumer, that’s the hallmark of the brand. To me, there’s no doubt of durability.”

Criterium racing, road racing, cyclocross, mountain bike, duathlons, you name it, Dallas Perry probably competes in it. Dallas notes that fall and winter are his favorite riding seasons. “In the fall, there is a local mountain bikeracing series that I love to do. Late fall and early winter, it’s cyclocross. It’s racing road bikes off-road, but the courses are super tight and mainly or exclusively off-road. You generally are racing for 30 minutes to an hour. It’s a good time.” Road racing is where Dallas feels he is the most challenged. “Road racing is the hardest and happens when temperatures are the hottest. You race in a pack and you could be playing every card right, but if the guys around you mess up, it could ruin your race.”

One of the biggest benefits that Dallas has found in cycling is a place for him to clear his mind. “A lot of people who don’t cycle don’t understand how much of a mental benefit there is. There is a restorative nature to spending some time on a bike. It puts me in a better frame of mind and allows me to blow off steam, and tackle any challenges I have for the day. It’s more for my mental health than physical health.”

“With such an active lifestyle, fabrics that are durable, flexible and allow me to move and do whatever I need to do without popping stitches are really important.”

Dallas prefers a cargo-style short, such as the Dickies Performance 11" Cargo Pocket Short, when riding his bike and pockets become handy.

Dallas has simple advice for those wanting to get into cycling: do what makes you happy. “Whether it be riding with a leash in one hand taking the dog for a walk or riding a mountain bike, there is a lot of peace and joy to be found on a bike. If it’s just riding with your kids, then cool. That’s one of the biggest joys out there.”

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