Making Any Blank Space Her Canvas

A Dickies Maker Story

Meet Krystle, Merchandising Team Member & Creative

Krystle Walton is a member of the Dickies Merchandising team as the Merchandising Operations Specialist, affectionately known as the Sample Fairy. Krystle not only helps keep the flow of incoming and outgoing samples organized for the team but also pursues her passion of expressing her creativity both on and off the job. As someone who grew up with Dickies as a household name, she felt a connection to the brand because it’s made for people like her and “for anybody that’s out there doing the work”. Watch Krystle as she works on the Dickies Headquarters’ “Yours To Make” campaign mural with some of her custom Dickies icon pieces displayed.

ABOVE: A variety of jobs demand a variety of workwear. Carol Ann shows us how to work the tractor while Tracy feeds the chickens, Niki loads up compost, and Monica makes her way to tack down the weed barrier fabric.

ABOVE: Krystle adds her unique art and vision to off-the-rack garments like Dickies English Red Eisenhower Jacket.

ABOVE: Monica takes care of her daily duties in the green house wearing her durable pinstriped overalls paired with a t-shirt.

Krystle’s creative style celebrates Dickies on the back of her '67 Twill Military Jacket. Her Dickies small wrench tool organizer is not just for heavy hitters like wrenches. It displays her brushes and keeps them handy.

Check Out Krystle's Creative Work: Instagram

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