Overland Tactical
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February 21, 2018

Tactical Application Vehicles

Overland Tactical

Overlanding, where you use your vehicle to explore and camp in off-the-grid spots, can be done in almost any car or truck. But if you want to safely get up gnarly back roads and sleep in ultimate comfort, there are a couple of key upgrades you want a pro to handle. At Tactical Application Vehicles, Walt Wagner specializes in helping people decide which upgrades are necessary, and then carefully adds those new components to their rigs. Wagner splits his time between the office and his shop floor. In the office, he’ll sit with customers and help them pick out upgrades like all-terrain tires, better suspension, and rooftop tents. Once a build is decided on, he’ll order the parts and get to work. Some jobs are easy and just need wrenches and a strong back. Others, however, are much more intricate and call for highly specialized welding, or even completely custom design and fabrication. Wagner has taught off-road driving courses throughout the country and uses this skill to help people decide what they need for where they’re going.

Dickies joins Wagner and his team on an off-the-grid camping trip.

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