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Delivering more than 1 million pizzas a day worldwide, Domino's Pizza drivers and pizza makers know how to hustle. As a new team member, you'll want to look sharp as you contribute to the effort of delivering those one million pizzas.

While your manager is your best source of information about what you should and should not wear and how you should and should not look, the Domino's Pizza dress code for employees seems to be pretty simple.

The store where you're working will provide you with a Domino's branded shirt and hat. It's up to you to supply your own pants or shorts. While khaki pants and khaki shorts were once commonly part of the Domino's Pizza dress code, now only black pants or black shorts are permitted at many locations. Because dress code policies may vary among independent franchises and corporate owned stores, make sure to ask your manager about what you can and cannot wear. It's important to note no jeans are allowed.

As with most food service-related jobs, closed toe shoes with slip-resistant soles are recommended for your personal safety. Black non slip shoes are a footwear staple in the restaurant business. Get more info on choosing the best restaurant shoes.

Here are a few more Domino's Pizza dress code tips from people who've worked there:

  • Always start your shift looking professional with clean clothes and shoes.
  • Wear your Domino’s hat straight forward, not backwards.
  • Keep your hair neatly groomed, tucked under hat or tied back.
  • Wear your Domino’s Pizza shirt buttoned with your nametag visible.
  • Shirts should normally be tucked in.
  • Wear clean and properly fitted pants or shorts (minimum 6” inseam).
  • Shorts should be no longer than 2” below the knee.


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