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Duck Clothes

Farmers on horseback

Duck Canvas

The workwear fabric of choice for those who don’t quit, compromise, or make excuses. Duck Canvas is a thick, tightly woven cotton fabric that resists wind, water, and tearing. Its tough weave and authentic look make it perfect for building long-lasting pants, jackets, overalls, and more workwear staples.


Overalls & Coveralls

Duck Clothes

Dickies Duck clothes are made from a sturdy fabric known as duck canvas, which is a tightly woven cotton material known for its strength and durability. Duck fabric is often used in workwear and outdoor gear due to its resistance to abrasion and rugged nature. The Duck clothes category includes items such as work pants, jackets, vests, and coveralls. These garments are designed to withstand demanding work environments and provide protection and comfort to the wearer. Duck clothes are made for all jobs, like construction, manufacturing, automotive and outdoor work. These clothes are made with reinforced stitching, heavy-duty zippers, and multiple pockets for carrying tools and accessories —bringing reliable and long-lasting workwear to your wardrobe.

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