Why Choose Dickies FR?

With the Dickies FR line you get the brand's ongoing commitment and innovative, performance-driven work apparel combined with FR protective technology.

Fabric Overview & Care

Dickies FR products are carefully constructed with premium materials that meet or exceed safety standards. FR garment safety can be compromised if not cared for properly.

Flame Resistant FAQs

Got questions about this unique apparel? Check out commonly asked questions with answers to help you better understand the nature of our FR products.

FR Sizing Guide

We are known for the superb quality of our garments and the wide range of sizes we offer. When measuring for proper fit, follow our important sizing guidelines.

Know Industry Hazards

There are a number of workplace hazards that have the potential to ignite work clothing and cause burn injury. Read more about the common hazards and the consequences they may present.

Hazards Risk Guide

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements worn by electrical workers and other personnel working around energized parts.

Know Industry Standards

Safety standards are in place to protect workers from industrial hazards. Get to know the standards related to the performance requirements of FR garments.