Choosing the Best Restaurant Shoes

Waiting tables is hard on your feet. That's why waiters and waitresses need a good pair of black restaurant shoes. Servers spend long hours on their feet, it's important to have the right footwear. The best waiter shoes prevent you from slipping and are comfortable enough to wear through long shifts.

Most restaurants require employees to wear black non-slip or slip resistant shoes. This includes hosts and hostesses, servers (waiters and waitresses), bartenders, cooks and chefs. In addition to protecting against slipping and falling, good shoes provide support that prevents fatigue, as well as potential back pain and knee problems.

Here are some things to look for in shoes for restaurant work, particularly waiting tables:


The Fit of the Shoe:

Experienced waiters and waitresses prefer a comfortable fit over stylish looks. Make sure the toe box doesn't pinch and the shoe doesn't slip on your heel. Slipping causes blisters.


To help assure you get a good fit, wear the same socks you'll wear to work when trying on new server shoes.


The Comfort of the Shoe:

Feel-good comfort is related to fit, but it's also influenced by shoe construction. The most comfortable server shoes offer the perfect combination of features to fit a server's personal preferences. Comfortable server shoes now offer interior padding, memory foam insoles, antibacterial moisture-wicking lining, contoured design, extra cushioning, thick platforms, slightly higher heel, removable footed (for inserting a custom insole or orthotics), and the right amount of arch support.


Even the most comfortable restaurant shoes need breaking in before wearing to work. Otherwise, you may get blisters. So, wear them around the house for a few hours. Then the first time you do wear them at work, bring another pair of shoes to change into mid-shift.


Dickies Apex Slip-Resistant Shoes: MICHELIN®WCX channeled shoe tread provides extreme traction with self-cleaning design that evacuates liquid and debris.
Dickies Apex Slip-Resistant Shoes


The Traction of the Shoe:

The best slip resistant shoes for men and women are designed to keep you on your feet by protecting against slips and falls. Look for shoes with tread specially designed to grip grease and oil-slicked surfaces and deal with other workplace hazards.

Dickies Apex Slip-Resistant Shoes: MICHELIN®WCX channeled shoe tread provides extreme traction with self-cleaning design that evacuates liquid and debris.





Slip resistant shoes usually have unique tread patterns made up of small circles, triangles, or square-like shapes. The tread patterns have enough spacing between them that water and other liquids, as well as debris is easily evacuated when the shoe sole makes contact with the floor.


How Durable is the Shoe:

Seasoned servers say it's worth investing in well-made slip resistant shoes with durable construction. Your shoes need to withstand eight to twelve hours of daily wear in often harsh conditions.


Even on the most durable slip resistant shoes, the tread will eventually wear out. Periodically check the condition of the tread on your shoes just like you check the tread on your car's tires. In both cases, it's your safety that's at stake.


The Appearance of the Shoe:

Many restaurants require non-slip black restaurant shoes as part their work uniform. It's a personal preference whether you choose tie or slip-ons. Some prefer the look, convenience and safety of slip-ons. Servers say they don't want to worry about catching or tripping on their shoelaces. Waiter shoes can have leather or polyurethane uppers. Some are even treated for water resistance.


For a professional look, always wear black socks with your black restaurant shoes and black pants.


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