When you're preparing for a mechanic job interview (or any interview), first impressions matter.

Much of that first impression is based on how you look and dress. According to experts at Monster.com, a job search website, the general rule is to dress for a job that's two levels above the one for which you're interviewing.

For an automotive interview, you want to look appropriately neat, clean and professional. Because of the nature of a mechanic's job, a potential employer will most likely understand if you have a little bit of dirt or grease under your nails. And it's not necessary to wear a suit, but you don't want to look (or smell) like you just left the service bay.


Wear interview clothes that fit you and are clean, pressed and coordinated

Men should wear a button-down shirt and pressed pants. No jeans or coveralls. Stick to dark-colored pants such as gray, black or blue to look professional. Wear a white or blue shirt. A conservative tie is optional. Unless it's very hot, wear a navy blazer or sports coat to look sharp, but not too formal. If it's cold, a dressy sweater is also appropriate. Women should wear a pantsuit or blouse and skirt with a jacket or sweater. Again, a darker color pant or skirt looks professional. In case the interview takes place in the service department, your polished leather shoes should have skid-proof soles--no athletic shoes.

When you're setting up the interview, find out if you're going to be asked to demonstrate your skills as an auto technician in the shop. If so, bring freshly laundered stain-free coveralls. While worn coveralls are OK, make sure they don't have obvious holes, stains and frayed edges.


Don't post anything that could be perceived as negative about the interview on social media.


Good grooming also matters

To look neat, men should shave before the interview, even if they normally don't for work. Go to your interview with clean hair. If your hair is long, wear it tied back for safety around machinery. Women should avoid wearing too much makeup, jewelry or fragrance.

If you're still uncertain how to dress for a mechanic job interview, call the human resources manager or the department that accepted your application and ask. They will appreciate your interest and be happy to answer your questions.


Dress Appropriately for a Mechanic Job Interview


Additional tips for an automotive interview

  • Turn off your cell phone before you enter the building and leave it off until after you leave.
  • Get to the interview 5 or 10 minutes early to fill out any additional paperwork.
  • Be appropriately friendly to everyone you meet.
  • Don't slump. Shake hands firmly and smile as you talk with confidence about your experience and interest in this particular job.
  • Don't post anything that could be perceived as negative about the interview on social media.