How to Choose an Overall or Coverall

Choosing the right bib overall or coverall can sometimes be overwhelming. They have been a staple in workwear from the early 1900’s and continue to be the go-to work garment of today’s skilled craftsman and craftswoman. Whether you are wearing them for function or fashion, they will never let you down. Follow the infographic to find the right coverall or overall for you.

Choose Coveralls and Overalls
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Dickies has solid options from mechanic coveralls, to painters white overalls, as well as a Hickory Striped Pattern and some with properly placed reflective materials for enhanced visibility.

They are all comfortable and extremely useful, thanks to the array of pockets and loops to hold tools and any accessories you need to get the job done. Protecting your clothes from everything from dirt and chemicals is the number one job for all of our coveralls and overalls.

Each pair is roomy enough to fit over clothes, while the flex fabric provides comfort when you are reaching, bending and performing your everyday duties. The men’s and women’ overalls feature adjustable straps for the perfect fit, while the men’s coverall has zip-and-button closure—making them all easy to take on and off. Each pair of men’s coveralls, overalls or women’s overalls is known for its quality—made with the same materials known to support the performance, durability and value expected from Dickies.

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