Benefits of Mechanic Uniforms

Uniform workwear is a good value that's comfortable and convenient

Uniforms are a practical way to ensure mechanics look professional and feel comfortable so they can perform their best. Because mechanics spend their time leaning into greasy engines, bending to pick up tools, and crawling under vehicles, they need workwear that's tough, easy-care and flexes with them.



Uniforms are a good option for employees and employers

Mechanics and service technicians like uniform pants, shirts and coveralls because they...

  • Replace personal clothing and upkeep
  • Save them money
  • Are convenient  and solve the problem of "What do I wear today?"
  • Create team pride with a custom, professional appearance
  • Provide comfortable, durable clothing designed to do the job

Garages, dealerships and custom shops like uniforms because they...

  • Support company branding and present a professional image
  • Allow the employer to control the appropriateness and condition of employees' work clothes
  • Instill confidence in consumers about the quality of service provided
  • Stand out from competitors who look less professional and efficient
  • Provide a perk that benefits both employer and employee



Benefits of Mechanic Uniforms


12 more good reasons to use uniforms

Dickies offers value-priced work pants, shirts, coveralls and jackets in a wide range of coordinating colors, sizes, fabrics and fits for both men and women. Look for functional features such as:

  • No-iron wrinkle-resistance
  • Flex fabric
  • Built-in stain release
  • Sizes for all including big & tall
  • Industrial wash friendly
  • Vat-dyed colorfastness
  • Water repellency
  • Expandable waistbands
  • Double knee durability
  • Quick-drying comfort
  • Moisture wicking fabrics
  • Easy care



Need help creating a uniform?

Use our Dickies Men's Uniform Builder and Women's Uniform Builder.